Our Service

With our collective years of experience, we are well equipped to see your project from start to finish.

Space Planning

No matter the size, our designers provide innovative ways that smartly utilize spaces while incorporating your needs. This process is more than simple sketching on a floor plan. We combine actual site experience, with an understanding of your lifestyle habits, and through utilization of various space planning techniques to meet your way of life. Ultimately, you can be rest assured to have a comfortable yet functional space planned, especially in the face of challenges from increasing smaller residential and commercial spaces.

Concept Development

Accurate identification of your needs forms the basis of our design solutions. Design concepts, be it simple or complicated, are developed through a series of brainstorm sessions where many options are considered and evaluated. By combining function and aesthetics, we create practical and creative designs catered to fit your lifestyle. Our team of designers aim to successfully develop that single design concept that represents you and that you can be proud of.

Design concept development is perhaps one of the most intensive parts of renovation, taking into account the finest details ranging from the selection of colours, materials, lighting fixtures to interior styling such as artworks and accessories. Refined graphic materials, drawings are provided upon concept presentation, where we further polish it, reaching onto a level of perfection.

Detailing and Project Management

Our designers will provide a comprehensive scope of detailed works, illustrated and written, to be approved by the Client. The approved works will be rolled out side by side with your established timeline and developed concept. The entire design project will be coordinated and supervised strictly by our project management team through regular site visits, while maintaining clear and constant communication with our vendors and contractors involved, ensuring high standard of quality and accuracy with accordance to documentations.

Customization and Workmanship

Every customer is special to us, each holding their own unique individuality which requires custom-made solutions. We hold pride in our ability to customize our services to meet those specific needs, paired fittingly with our superior workmanship. Our relations with our well-established suppliers and contractors have supported us with nothing but quality works. This provides our customers a close to heart solution that can withstand the rigours of daily living.

Additional & Alteration Works

Carefully planned Alteration and Addition (A&A) works to landed and private properties allow customers to fully maximize space usage within a given building space. We work with respective key expertise such as, Qualified Person (QP), Professional Engineers (PE) and Architects/Builders to ensure well-execution of the project. Our team of designers are well-trained in conceptualization and experienced in liaising with the necessary personals and authorities. With such professional project management service, your mind can be at ease.