This is already the fourth time we engaged on WEDA StudioInc as our appointed ID. They have an eye for clean lines and presented a home for us that is simple, elegant and functional!

Mr. Jacky Lim - The Minton

Initially, we had a different idea of how our future home would look like. One of the ID from WEDA convinced us with her vast experience in interior designing and presented us with a home that is warm, cozy and beautiful. She even managed to complete the project earlier than expected!

Mr. Lim - 8 Courtyards

As we are only planning to rent out this unit, quite a number of designers were not interested in such a small scale project. We were lucky to have met WEDA StudioInc, they charmed us with their professionalism and gave us a helping hand to turn our small unit into an ideal home for a small family!

Joel & Chloe - The Vision

After a round of discussion with WEDA StudioInc, they were able to pinpoint our preferred designs, which is down-to-earth, clean with attention to details. These designs elements were manifested in a graceful manner and we absolutely love it! Great job WEDA!

David Ong - The Minton

We always appreciate clean and simple yet functional designs. WEDA’s ID did just that and of course, they made our home beautiful too! We will definitely recommend them to all our friends and colleagues!

Winson & Family - The Miltonia Residences

Me and my wife loved unique and unusual designs, thus WEDA’s designer created an extraordinary home for us and every time our peers came to visit, they would be full of praises! Kudos to WEDA and the team!

Mr. Ooi & Family - D'Leedon

We had a quite spacious apartment and our ideal space was a well segregated area with bright and airy feel. Hence, WEDA StudioInc did a very unique sliding door (with beautiful, intricate details) to separate the study and dining area. We also enjoyed the well designed living area, with defined pillars and choice of woo theme. Great effort WEDA!

Mr. Andy - D'Leedon

We love to be surprised. It was essential for the ID to wow us with their creativity, and an ID from WEDA did just that! We were amazed at how the whole idea was conceptualized and developed into reality. Now, we love every part of the house and so do our friends and relatives! Great job WEDA!

Mr. Tan - The Rainforest

It was a delightful experience going through the whole renovation process with WEDA. Their team is very professional and handled all the site issues very well indeed. We moved in with ease having known that WEDA had created our dream home.

Madam Jasmine Tan - Watercolors

We would like our home to be elegant, classic yet feels homely. Jolyn was quick to design a very modern and spacious living area that was great for our guests. We also had very cozy room for ourselves. It was a job well done. Thank you WEDA!

Mr. & Mrs. Ong - The Rainforest